Section 14-3 Preferential rights of part-time employees

(1) Part-time employees have a preferential right to an extended post rather than that the employer shall create a new appointment in the undertaking. The preferential right may also apply to a part of a post.

(2) The preferential right is subject to the employee being qualified for the post and exercise of the preferential right not involving significant inconvenience for the undertaking.

(3) Before making a decision concerning appointment to a post that the employee claims a preferential right to, the employer shall as far as practically possible discuss the matter with the employee unless the employee does not desire this.

(4) Preferential rights pursuant to section 14-2, with the exception of section 14-2, second paragraph, first sentence, take precedence over the preferential rights of part-time employees.

(5) Disputes concerning preferential rights for part-time employees pursuant to section 14-3 shall be resolved by the Dispute Resolution Board, cf. section 17-2.