Section 221. False statement

A penalty of a fine or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 2 years shall be applied to any person who in writing or orally provides false information to
  1. a.
    the courts,
  2. b.
    a notary public, see Act of 26 April 2002 no. 12,
  3. c.
    a public authority under a duty to testify,
  4. d.
    a public authority when the statement is intended to serve as evidence,
  5. e.
    the EFTA court, or
  6. f.
    the International Criminal Court.
The penalties pursuant to the first paragraph do not apply to a suspect who provides a false statement about the matter he or she is suspected of. The same applies to any person who could not tell the truth without exposing himself or herself or any of his or her next-of-kin to prosecution or a risk of significant loss of social standing or other significant loss of welfare, unless the person in question was under a duty to testify.