Section 189. Unlawful carrying of a weapon in a public place

A penalty of a fine or imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year shall be applied to any person who in a public place, with intent or gross negligence, carries
  1. a.
    a firearm,
  2. b.
    an air- or spring-powered firearm,
  3. c.
    a replica firearm that may easily be confused with a firearm, or
  4. d.
    a firearm that has been rendered permanently unusable pursuant to section 1, second paragraph, of the Firearms Act of 9 June 1961 No. 1.
The same penalty applies to any person who in a public place carries a knife or similar sharp instrument that is capable of being used to commit a physical assault on another person.
The prohibition in the first and second paragraphs does not apply to firearms, knives or other instruments used for or carried or transported in connection with work, outdoor life or other legitimate purpose.