Section 175 a. Enforced disappearance

A penalty of imprisonment for a term not exceeding 15 years shall be applied to any person who on behalf of a state or with the state's permission, support or consent, contributes to an enforced disappearance. «Enforced disappearance» shall mean arrest, detention, abduction or other deprivation of liberty, when it is denied that the deprivation of liberty has taken place, or it is kept secret what has happened to the person deprived of his or her liberty or where he or she can be found, so that he or she is deprived of legal protection.
The same penalty applies to a superior who
  1. a.
    with intent or negligently ignores information that persons under the superior's effective authority and control are committing or preparing to commit a criminal enforced disappearance, and
  2. b.
    fails to take necessary and reasonable measures to prevent or stop a criminal enforced disappearance or fails to report the matter to the competent authorities.