Section 174. Torture

A penalty of imprisonment for a term not exceeding 15 years shall be applied to any public official who causes another person injury or serious physical or mental pain
  1. a.
    with intent to obtain information or a confession,
  2. b.
    with intent to punish, threaten or compel another person, or
  3. c.
    because of such person's religion or life stance, skin colour, national or ethnic origin, homosexual orientation, reduced functional capacity or gender.
For the purposes of this provision, «public official» means any person
  1. a.
    in central or local government service, or
  2. b.
    engaged by central or local government to perform a service or work.
Acts specified in the first paragraph are also deemed to constitute torture if committed by a person acting in response to incitement from or with the express or implied consent of a public official.