Section 157. Obstruction of justice

A penalty of imprisonment for a term not exceeding six years shall be applied to any person who by violence, threats, vandalism or other illegal conduct with respect to a participant in the justice system or any of his/her next-of-kin
  1. a.
    acts in a manner that is likely to influence the participant to perform or omit to perform an act, work or a service in connection with criminal proceedings or a civil case, or
  2. b.
    retaliates for an act, work or a service the participant has performed in connection with criminal proceedings or a civil case.
«Participant in the justice system» means any person who
  1. a.
    is the aggrieved party in criminal proceedings, has reported a criminal offence or has instituted proceedings in a civil case,
  2. b.
    has given evidence to the police, the prosecuting authority, the court, the correctional services or the Norwegian Criminal Cases Review Commission,
  3. c.
    works or performs a service for a body specified in b),
  4. d.
    is a permanent or appointed defence counsel, counsel for an aggrieved party or litigation counsel, or
  5. e.
    is considering performing such an act or accepting such work or such a service.
The first paragraph applies correspondingly to officials of the International Criminal Court.