Section 151. Purchase of votes and exercise of undue influence over voting

A penalty of a fine or imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years shall be applied to any person who in connection with a public election
  1. a.
    by threats or other unlawful means seeks to influence another person's voting,
  2. b.
    by providing or agreeing to provide a benefit seeks to secure another person's commitment to vote in a particular way or to abstain from voting,
  3. c.
    acts in a manner that leads another person unintentionally to abstain from voting or to vote differently than intended.
«Public election» means an election by popular vote, an election pursuant to the Act of 28 June 2002 No. 57 relating to parliamentary and local government elections or an election pursuant to chapter 2 of the Act of 12 June 1987 No. 56 relating to the Sami Parliament and other Sami legal matters.