Section 121. Intelligence-gathering activity targeting state secrets

A penalty of a fine or imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years shall be applied to any person who for the benefit of a foreign state or terrorist organisation, or without legitimate reason, collects or gains possession of secret information that, if it becomes known to the state or terrorist organisation, or is otherwise revealed, may harm fundamental national interests relating to
  1. a.
    matters of defence, security and public safety,
  2. b.
    the activities, security or freedom of action of the highest state bodies,
  3. c.
    relations with other states,
  4. d.
    security arrangements for the diplomatic missions of foreign states and in connection with major national and international events,
  5. e.
    public infrastructure, such as for food supply, water supply, energy supply, transport and telecommunications, medical services or the banking and monetary system, or
  6. f.
    Norway's natural resources.