Section 284. Genital mutilation

A penalty of imprisonment for a term not exceeding six years shall be applied to any person who performs a procedure on the genitalia of a woman that damages the genitalia or permanently modifies them. Reestablishment of genital mutilation is subject to the same penalty.
Consent does not exempt from a penalty.
A penalty of a fine or imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year shall be applied to workers and employees in day-care centres, the child welfare service, the social service, the health and care service, schools, the before- and after-school care service and belief communities who fail to seek to avert a genital mutilation by making a report to the police or otherwise. The same applies to elders and religious leaders of belief communities. The duty to avert applies irrespective of any duty of confidentiality. Such failure is not subject to a penalty if the genital mutilation is not carried out and no punishable attempt to do so is made.