Section 272. Aggravated physical assault

The penalty for aggravated physical assault is imprisonment for a term not exceeding six years. In determining whether the physical assault is aggravated, particular weight shall be given to whether it resulted in severe pain, injury or death, and otherwise whether it
  1. a.
    occurred without cause and had the characteristics of an attack,
  2. b.
    was committed against a defenceless person,
  3. c.
    had the characteristics of abuse,
  4. d.
    was committed by multiple persons acting together,
  5. e.
    was motivated by the aggrieved person's skin colour, nationality or ethnic origin, religion, life stance, homosexual orientation or impaired functional ability, or
  6. f.
    was carried out using a knife or other particularly dangerous implement.
Section 271, second paragraph, applies correspondingly.