Section 34. Suspension of execution (suspended imprisonment)

When imposing a sentence of imprisonment, the court may decide that execution shall be suspended, in part or in full. If execution of part of the penalty is suspended (partly suspended, partly immediate imprisonment), the immediate part may not be set lower than 14 days.
The period of suspension shall ordinarily be two years. When the conditions for an increase of sentence in the case of a repeated offence are fulfilled, and in other special cases, a longer period of suspension may be set, but not one exceeding five years. The period of suspension shall run from the date on which final judgment is passed.
Suspension of execution is granted on the basic condition that the convicted person does not reoffend during the period of suspension. The court may also impose special conditions pursuant to sections 35 to 37. The person charged shall wherever possible be given an opportunity to comment on the special conditions before they are imposed.