Section 30. Other criminal sanctions

Other criminal sanctions are
  1. a.
    deferment of sentencing, see section 60,
  2. b.
    waiver of sentencing, see section 61,
  3. c.
    committal to psychiatric care, see section 62,
  4. d.
    committal to care, see section 63,
  5. e.
    confiscation, see chapter 13,
  6. f.
    waiver of prosecution, see sections 69 and 70 of the Criminal Procedure Act,
  7. g.
    transfer of the case to the National Mediation Service for mediation, supervision or youth supervision, see section 71 a, first and second paragraphs, of the Criminal Procedure Act, and
  8. h.
    loss of the right to drive a motor vehicle, etc., see section 24 a second paragraph, section 33 no. 1 and 2, see also no. 6, and section 35, first paragraph, of the Road Traffic Act, and loss of the right to transport passengers for payment (professional licence), see section 37 f, second paragraph, of the Professional Transport Act.