Section 9. Next-of-kin

«Next-of-kin» means
  1. a.
    a spouse,
  2. b.
    relatives in direct line and siblings, and their spouses,
  3. c.
    relatives of a spouse in direct line of ascent or descent and siblings, and their spouses,
  4. d.
    step-siblings and their spouses,
  5. e.
    foster parents and their parents, foster children and foster siblings, and
  6. f.
    a fiancé/fiancée.
The provisions regarding spouses also apply to divorced spouses. However, relatives by marriage are only deemed to be next-of-kin in respect of matters that took place before the marriage was dissolved. The provision in the second sentence regarding relatives by marriage also applies to fiancés/fiancées after the engagement has been broken off.
An in-law relationship is deemed to continue after the marriage that established it has been terminated by death.
Registered partnerships and other cases where two persons live together permanently in a marriage-like relationship are deemed equivalent to marriage.