Section 77. Aggravating circumstances

In connection with sentencing, aggravating factors to be given particular consideration are that the offence:
  1. a.
    was committed by means or methods which are particularly dangerous or carry a considerable potential for harm,
  2. b.
    placed human life or health at risk or caused loss of welfare,
  3. c.
    was intended to have a substantially more serious outcome or this could easily have been the consequence,
  4. d.
    was committed in a particularly reckless manner,
  5. e.
    formed part of a planned or organised enterprise,
  6. f.
    was committed by multiple persons acting together,
  7. g.
    was perpetrated by the offender exploiting or misguiding young persons, persons in a very difficult life situation, who are mentally disabled or in a dependent relationship with the offender,
  8. h.
    affected persons who are defenceless or particularly vulnerable to criminal offences,
  9. i.
    was motivated by a person's religion or life stance, skin colour, national or ethnic origin, homosexual orientation, disability or other circumstances relating to groups with a particular need for protection,
  10. j.
    was committed in the course of public service or was perpetrated by violating a special trust,
  11. k.
    was committed by a person who has previously been the subject of a criminal sanction for similar acts or other acts of relevance to the case,
  12. l.
    was committed in the presence of a child under 15 years of age.