Section 69. Confiscation of the product, subject or tools of a criminal act

Property which
  1. a.
    is the product of,
  2. b.
    has been the subject of, or
  3. c.
    has been used or intended for use in

a criminal act, may be confiscated. Instead of the property, all or part of the value of the property may be confiscated. Section 67, first paragraph, third sentence, and fourth paragraph, apply correspondingly.

Rights, receivables and electronically stored information are also considered property.
In determining whether confiscation shall be effected, and the scope of the confiscation, particular weight shall be given to whether confiscation is necessary for the purposes of effective enforcement of the penal provision, and whether it is proportionate. In assessing proportionality, weight shall among other things be given to other sanctions that are imposed, and the consequences for the person against whom the confiscation is effected.