Section 64. Detailed provisions on execution of care

The following provisions of the Mental Health Care Act apply correspondingly to the execution of committal to care insofar as applicable:
  1. a.
    Chapter 1, chapter 4 except for sections 4-5, second paragraph, 4-9 and 4-10, and chapter 6, with regulations, when the special sanction is executed in the expert unit. However, the provision in section 4-4, second paragraph, second sentence, only applies if so prescribed in regulations issued by the King.
  2. b.
    Chapter 1 and chapter 6 when the special sanction is executed outside the expert unit.
The King may issue regulations providing that chapter 9 of the Health and Care Services Act shall apply correspondingly. The King may issue special provisions on applicable administrative proceedings.
The King will issue regulations containing detailed provisions on the execution of care pursuant to section 63, including provisions that identify which measures are subject to review pursuant to the rules in chapter 36 of the Dispute Act.