Section 56. Loss of the right to occupy a position or engage in an enterprise or activity

Any person who has committed a criminal act that shows that the said person is unfit for or may misuse a position, enterprise or activity, may, when in the public interest,
  1. a.
    be deprived of the position, or
  2. b.
    be deprived of the right in future to occupy a position or engage in an enterprise or activity.
Such a loss of rights may be limited to prohibiting the exercise of certain functions pertaining to the position or enterprise, or to ordering engagement in the enterprise or activity on specific conditions.
Any person who has been deprived of the right to engage in an enterprise is also prohibited from conducting such enterprise on behalf of other persons or allowing other persons to conduct such enterprise on his/her behalf.
The offender may be ordered to surrender any document or other object that has served as evidence of the lost right.
A loss of rights pursuant to this provision may be imposed as the only penalty if the minimum penalty prescribed for the act does not exceed one year of imprisonment.