Section 53. Imposition of a fine

A fine may be imposed as the sole penalty when this is provided for by the penal provision.
When assessing a fine weight shall be given, in addition to such factors that are generally given weight in assessing penalties, to the offender's income, assets, responsibility for dependents, debt burden, and other circumstances affecting financial capacity. Section 28 applies to the assessment of fines against an enterprise.
The fine accrues to the State unless otherwise provided.
If the offender was under 18 years of age at the time of the act, the court may decide that execution of the penalty may be suspended (suspended fine). The period of suspension shall normally be two years. Suspension of execution is granted on the basic condition that the convicted person does not reoffend in the period of suspension. In addition the court may set special conditions as specified in section 36 and section 37, a) to j). The person charged shall be permitted to comment on special conditions before they are set. Section 39 applies correspondingly insofar as applicable. For optional penalty writs the rules on suspended fines apply correspondingly insofar as applicable.