Section 4. Application of the criminal legislation to acts committed in Norway and in areas under Norwegian jurisdiction, etc.

The criminal legislation applies to acts committed in Norway, including in Svalbard, on Jan Mayen and in the Norwegian dependencies, see the Act of 27 February 1930 No. 3.
The criminal legislation also applies to acts committed
  1. a.
    on installations on the Norwegian continental shelf for exploration for or exploitation or storage of submarine natural resources and on pipelines and other fixed transport facilities connected to such installations, including ones located elsewhere than on the Norwegian continental shelf,
  2. b.
    in the area of jurisdiction established pursuant to the Act of 17 December 1976 No. 91 relating to the Economic Zone of Norway, in the case of acts that harm interests that Norwegian jurisdiction is intended to protect, and
  3. c.
    on Norwegian vessels, including aircraft, and drilling platforms or similar movable installations. If a vessel or installation is in or above the territory of another state, the criminal legislation applies only to an act committed by a person on board the vessel or installation.